Experience of use Skincell Advanced

Experience with Serum, Michael Stutzer, Bern

Serum experience, Michael Stutzer, Bern

Skincell Advanced ordered from the official website. It is attractive due to its natural composition. The main active ingredients are plant extracts: ginger oil, pie extract, lemongrass, vitamin E, lemongrass essential oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon, nicotinamide. Correction serum against moles and warts has no contraindications due to the 100% naturalness of the materials.

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Warts on his hands and fingers for 5 years. Some itched wildly, intervening. What I didn’t do: I burned ozone and removed it with a laser, they still grew. All of these signs point to an urgent need to get rid of them. Removing warts and papillomas is a difficult task. For a long time I was looking for a cure to eliminate warts. My sister gave advice to Skincell Advanced. I compared the preparation with other drugs and was satisfied. There are no side effects.

Management Plan

Experience using Skincell Advanced, photos before and after the course

Using Skincell Advanced - described in this manual. Here is a detailed description of how and what to apply. Nothing complicated: warts should be applied twice a day. The course of treatment is 3 months.

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I applied the warts strictly according to the instructions with the product. The experience with home therapy was positive. A week later, I noticed that the itching had stopped and the formations had become smaller. Within a month, they slowly began to disappear. And 2 months after use, all 10 moles were gone on the hands and fingers! After three months, I decided to take a break. Six months have passed since no more moles appeared. I recommend this miracle cure to everyone. The ointment does not contain artificial additives and left-handed substances that would cause side reactions.